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The Story of "Celia's Five-Star Canine Resort"

I have always had dogs in my family when I was growing up. Over 20 years ago, my husband Peter and I left England to make our home in Washington State and raise a family. Now with my own children, we wanted to round out the family with pets.

How I Got Started

One day my family visited the Humane Society. We quickly fell in love with a beautiful gray poodle called Max. We had many happy years before his passing at a ripe old age. During Max's time with us, we would participate in the annual PAWS Walk-A-Thon. At one of these events, I was given the idea to look after other people's dogs when owners go on vacation. By the end of the day I found myself opening up my home to an assortment of dogs. It was 1996. Now, every evening when my husband Peter comes home from work, he is enthusiastically greeted by a small diverse group of furry guests. He says, "It's the best therapy to help me unwind."

The Dogs Kept Coming, and One Stayed

Our first guest was a dear little Pug. We were hooked after that. Another dog came soon after. She was a mixed breed of all sorts. The couple that brought her to us said she was found wandering the streets for days caked in mud with no identification. They gave her immediate vet treatment. She came to me with five teeth pulled and stitches in her tummy. We called her Lucy. The couple were set to go on vacation soon after she was found, and promised to advertise for a good home for her when they get back. Two weeks later my family were not about to give her up. We loved her dearly for six wonderful years. In September 2001, our beloved Lucy passed away peacefully in our sunny garden with her head on my lap.

My Own Business

Having looked after people’s pets for 3 years, I felt it was time to start my own dog care business. My sister Melanie thought up the grand name ‘Celia’s Five-Star Canine Resort’. She also designed the cutest business cards for me. My husband and I put together a creative brochure, and have never looked back.

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Celia's Five-Star Canine Resort