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"When we first learned about Celia's Five-Star Canine Resort, it sounded too good to be true - a home located on the shores of Lake Washington where dogs spend their days on leisurely walks and their nights in their hosts' bedroom. Then we visited Celia at her beautiful home, watched her interact with her adoring canine guests, and realized that, while the promises in the brochure are all true, the most important feature of Celia's Five-Star Canine Resort, and what never can be conveyed in a brochure, is Celia's love of, and compassion for, animals. Within moments of meeting Celia, we knew that we could trust her as we would a family member with the care and safety of our dog, Mabel.

"Since that first meeting with Celia, Mabel has been an extremely satisfied overnight guest at Celia's Five-Star Canine Resort and, while we are working, now spends at least an hour a day, three days a week with Celia, taking long walks, swimming at the park, playing ball, and, most importantly, being showered with unconditional love. I am certain that if Mabel could express her thoughts in words, she would go on for pages about the joy that Celia brings to her life. Our family is grateful to have met Celia and we wholeheartedly recommend her Five-Star Canine Resort."

- Wady Milner & Matt Roberts (& Mabel)

Photo: Mabel

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